• Charlotte Lewington

Time goes by in a blink of an eye

Is it me or does time just seem to fly by ?? Sometimes we are guilty of wishing the time away.... When I was younger I was always wishing for the next big birthday couldn't wait til I was 18, then 21 and then 30... Then as you get older you start to appreciate the time and do the reverse wish you were younger... Have you ever thought of life as being precious or a gift that we should cherish because time and your life is the one thing you can never get back or repeat. One day you might look back on this time you had.... But right now you have a choice.... it all comes down to your perspective. Are you going to look at this lock down experience as an opportunity to learn a new skill? Are you going to use it as a time to make memories and cherish the time you get to spend with loved ones - something that you wished for when you were working all those times ??Maybe you will use it to slow down and not live your life at 100 mph.... constantly chasing your tail or maybe you will see the time as a chance to do something you always wanted to do... I ask because one day you might just regret that you wished your life and the time away. oh how it would feel to just be present and enjoy the moment and journey that we are given and not be so quick to wish our life and the time away🔥❤

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