It wasn't until  I became really clear on what it was I wanted, what I stood for and started creating healthy boundaries, that I was able to start using my voice, something that I was never comfortable doing before. 


Ever since I was younger, I have always had a good work ethic, From the age of 13, I was taught the importance of going to school and getting a good education, finding a job and earning an income.

After finishing school.  I decided to follow my passion for working with children and qualified with a Diploma in Childcare and Education. I travelled around the world for many years undertaking summer and winter seasons. There was part of me that thought  I should start settling down and getting my life organised.


 I had always had a love for challenging behaviour and understanding why people behave the way they do. So I decided to go to university and study for a Degree in Psychology.  

A few years into my degree I met someone, he was charming and showed an interest. We were on and off for two years.  I should have read the signs he started to dress better and started making an effort.  Shortly afterwards, the dreaded text came through,  he had written that he was sorry, but he had been seeing someone else and that it was going really well, he wished me well and hoped that I would find what it was that I was looking for.

I was heartbroken, growing up I had the belief that we have two choices in life we can either sit down and cry about things or we get up and learn the lessons that are being shown to us.  So, I picked myself up and moved from Essex to Cambridge.  

I started working as a Healthcare Assistant in a hospital, it took time, but I finally started to let go of what had happened with my ex. I started to allow myself to make new friendships at the hospital and my life started to feel like It was on the right track again. 

I joined a network marketing company and started to realize that there was a different way I could live my life. My journey into finding myself began.


I started to surround myself with similar people and reading lots of books on personal development, money mindset and changing my thoughts and beliefs as well as changing my routine and daily habits.

I was so fixated with trying to better myself that I did everything I could to try and change my life.  I was holding down three jobs at the hospital and I went back to university part-time to study for a Masters. I was working so many shifts and convinced myself that I could manage. Over those two years, I managed to gain two promotions and work my way up within the NHS to a bed management position within the Emergency Department.

I was working in a high-pressured environment, dealing with confrontational situations daily. An essential part of my role involved being the middleman, understanding the pressures my colleagues were under but also having a duty to escalate matters if the situation needed it.

I loved the job, but I didn’t love the hours –. I began to socialize a lot more – I wanted more from life than just going to work and paying bills.


One night, in particular,  I ended up fracturing my elbow  – and  I was signed off for 8 weeks.

"Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it.


Around the same time I started to experience my year from hell, My stress levels were increasing and bit by bit – everything started to become too much – I was referred to occupational health at work and I was advised to be on a phased return – I remember one day at work just feeling like I couldn’t do this anymore I needed to get out – I stood up several times trying to get the courage to tell someone I wasn’t feeling great – My chest became tighter and I felt like I couldn’t breathe- After what felt like forever one of the nurses I was friendly with came around and I told her how I was feeling – she advised me to go into a room and just take some time.

Why was this happening to me – I had never experienced panic attacks.  When I look back, I realise I had reached my breaking point, I had been trying so hard to keep going to prove to everyone that I was strong trying to keep it a secret because I didn’t want to admit I wasn’t coping.

Looking back my burnout was progressive over time, I had pains in my side which despite numerous tests, medical professionals could not find any reasons for and not knowing what was wrong made things even more difficult because it made me feel like I was crazy or imaging the symptoms.

One evening after working a long stint of back to back shifts, I went home to have a bath and had horrible palpitations, I could feel my heart pounding into my back, and I was scared something was wrong. I drove myself to the hospital and ended up getting admitted to resus. 

This experience was the wake-up call I needed.  I decided I couldn’t keep going on like this something needed to change. I worked in an Emergency Department; I saw how quickly people’s lives could change.  I understood that life was too short, to just go to work and not enjoy life.

I discovered the world of coaching and suddenly everything made sense – I could coach my way to freedom.  It was everything I wanted and more.  Through coaching, I have been able to discover who I really am. What I want in life and what I stand for. I am able to implement healthy boundaries  

I became an Accredited Empowerment coach and a best- selling author. I was able to leave my full -time job and move to Paris. All because I decided that I wanted to create a life of freedom on my own terms.  


Now I am passionate about helping other  high flying professionals  that are seeking more freedom in their life. I want them to know that anything is possible.  You don't have to settle and that you too can create a life of freedom on your own terms.

Are you ready to take action ??

I see so many high flying professionals living their life the way I used to,  making the same mistakes I did and therefore I have made it my mission to support high flying professionals that are seeking more freedom in some area of their life. 


No more people-pleasing or second-guessing yourself, it is time to step into your confident best version of you that deep down inside you know you are meant to be. 

If you resonate with my story in any way - I would love to support you. I am currently offering a complimentary breakthrough session where we can work together to ensure you can create the change you are desperately craving. 

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